Mark Fell, Giuseppe Ielasi, Rashad Becker

Mark Fell, Giuseppe Ielasi, Rashad Becker
Artwork by Philip Marshall
Artwork by Philip Marshall
Mark Fell
Sheffield, UK

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Mark Fell is an electronic musician based in the UK, and one half of the experimental music duo SND. His work is created from variations on algorithmic and pattern-generating systems, producing non-repetitive structures that are equally influenced by house and techno music of the late 80s and early 90s. Fell received an honorary mention in the digital music category at Prix ARS Electronica, and was shortlisted for the Quartz award for his contributions to research in digital music.

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Giuseppe Ielasi
Milan, Italy

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Giuseppe Ielasi is a composer, sound artist, mastering engineer, and owner of Senufo Editions. His music is a complex equation of an incredible feel for texture, intriguing use of space and rhythmical grids, in what can often be a dryly academic and foreboding field. Whilst still stringently minimal, curiously abstract, there’s a sensuality and humanity in his work which entirely appeals to our sensibilities.

Rashad Becker
Berlin, Germany

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Blessed with a heightened sensitivity to frequency and a love of bass and subbass, mastering engineer, sound artist and composer Rashad Becker makes traditional music of notional species, which can be heard as a deliberate and hyper-conscious bypassing of staid conventions in melody, harmony and meter, albeit from the periphery of human experience.