Stephan Mathieu, Jason Lescalleet, Valerio Tricoli

Stephan Mathieu, Jason Lescalleet, Valerio Tricoli
Stephan Mathieu

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Stephan Mathieu is a self-taught composer and performer working in the fields of electroacoustics and abstract digitalia. His sound is largely based on early instruments, environmental sound and obsolete media, which are recorded and transformed by means of experimental microphony, re-editing techniques and software processes involving spectral analysis and convolution; it has been compared to the landscape paintings of Caspar David Friedrich, the work of Painters Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Ellsworth Kelly.

During the last decade, his music has been released on over 40 vinyl records and CDs, both solo and in collaboration with Akira Rabelais, Taylor Deupree, Robert Hampson, Sylvain Chauveau, David Sylvian and others on electronic music labels worldwide.

Between 2000 and 2005 Mathieu taught Digital Arts and Theory at the HBKSaar University of Art and Design in Saarbrücken and as a guest lecturer at the Royal Academy of Arts in Göteborg, the Bauhaus University Weimar and the Merz-Akademie in Stuttgart.

Valerio Tricoli
Lives and works in Munich, Germany.

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Valerio Tricoli is an Italian composer and performer of electroacoustic music, currently residing in Munich. His main instruments for live presentations are the Revox B77 reel-to-reel tape recorder, used as a completely analogue, ergonomic device for live sampling and real-time transformation, editing and mixing of pre-recorded and made-on-the-spot sound sources. On a formal level his sets focus on the impromptu creation of narrative, taking into account the multiple relations intervening between reality, virtuality and memory during the acoustic event: sounds are always hovering between the “here and now” of the concert situation and the shady domain of memory— distant but at the same time present like in a deja-vu experience.

Privileging fracture over continuity and by the use of a dynamic range that could jump suddenly from near-silence to extreme blasts of sounds, an almost tactile feeling of brooding tension is often attained. His electroacoustic studio compositions, documented on few records, are aligned to the tradition of Musique Concrète and explore themes of the internal— represented both by the psychological and the physical— and of the occult, which together, with the use of spoken text, make them often deeply existential works, self-investigations of the psychological, emotional and irrational horror within.

Jason Lescalleet

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Jason Lescalleet is a celebrated experimental electronic music artist whose influence on the contemporary avant-garde cannot be overstated. His work is distinctive, drawing from a wide variety of sonic sources, and often takes formal cues from modern musique concrete, for example in his utilisation of reel-to-reel tape machines in both live and studio settings.

His discography is striking, both for its scale and collaborative quality. He has released on notable labels such as Kye, RRR, Erstwhile, Chondritic Sound, NNA, and most recently via his own Glistening Examples imprint.